Day: January 15, 2019

Soy Lecithin production flow chart

Soybean Lecithin is obtained by dehydration and drying of hydrated oil feet. The original soy lecithin is also called”Soy Lecithin Oil” or Standard Soy Lecithin, it is a fluid. After de-oil the crude soy lecithin, obtain the “soy Lecithin powder and granules. The Production Flow Chart of soy lecithin (fluid and granules) Lecithin Pro offer […]

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Deoiled Lecithin in dairy products

Dairy companies often use polymerization method to produce milk powder. However, the surface of the milk powder particles is covered with fat, it can’t be quickly dissolved in water. The Lecithin powder have the property to remove fat water resistance, it also improve the wettability and dispersibility of the finished product.There are several ways to […]

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