Day: February 20, 2019

Types of Soybean Lecithin: According to the different processing steps

The different types of Soybean Lecithin: According to the different processing steps of soybean phospholipids, they can be divided into the following types: Natural crude Soy Lecithin. It is prepared by vacuum dehydration of by-product (oil foot) of soybean refined oil, also known as concentrated soybean phospholipid. The product has an acetone insoluble matter (phospholipid […]

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Application of phospholipids in calves feed

Application of lecithin in calves feed. For calves, the digestibility of milk fat is as high as 96% to 98%, while the digestibility of non-fat (tallow, lard, palm oil) is only 50% to 65%. Studies have confirmed that the addition of phospholipids can significantly improve the non-fat digestibility of calf artificial milk. Especially after adding […]

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Buy Deoiled soy Lecithin Feed grade

Buy deoiled soy lecithin from China. Lecithin Pro (Orison Chemicals Limited) prompt export and supplying deoiled soy lecithin feed grade from China. Deoiled Soy Lecithin feed grade is natural ingredient, extract from soybeans, composed of polar lipids, especially phospholipids, and neutral phospholipids. Our deoiled soy lecithin have the granule and powder form, wirth content min […]

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