Application of phospholipids in calves feed

Application of lecithin in calves feed.

For calves, the digestibility of milk fat is as high as 96% to 98%, while the digestibility of non-fat (tallow, lard, palm oil) is only 50% to 65%. Studies have confirmed that the addition of phospholipids can significantly improve the non-fat digestibility of calf artificial milk. Especially after adding deoiled modified phospholipids to calf feed, it increased the tallow, lard and palm oil in the digested feed by 20%.

Calf feed mainly contains protein, lactose, minerals and vitamins, but the fat-containing feed is more conducive to calf growth and metabolism. After the addition of deoiled soy lecithin, experiments have shown that calf production has increased by 13 kg in 50 days. The weight of calves that did not add deoiled phospholipids increased by only 5 kg.

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