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Deoiled Lecithin in dairy products

Dairy companies often use polymerization method to produce milk powder. However, the surface of the milk powder particles is covered with fat, it can’t be quickly dissolved in water. The Lecithin powder have the property to remove fat water resistance, it also improve the wettability and dispersibility of the finished product.There are several ways to […]

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Application of Lecithin

Application of Lecithin The main applications of Lecithin in food,nutritional food, feed,personal care products and pharmacuticals: Emulsifier: Lecithins is mainly workaed as emulsifier. They make the water and fat to mix easily. Viscosity Modifiers: Lecithin can reduce the surface tension of fat, reduce the viscosity of food, improving flow and mixability. Wetting agent: Lecithin offer […]

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Soy Lecithin Oil use in Feed

Soy Lecithin Oil use in Feed: Soy Lecithin Oil also called “soy lecithin fluid”. It contain about 60% phospholipid, 40% of soy bean oil. Soy lecithin oil is a natural surfactant and emulsifier in feed processing. It impove the feed graininess and extend feed shelf life. -Dispersibility and emulsifying:Phospholipids have dispersibility and emulsifying properties, it […]

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De-oil soy lecithin powder feed grade

“Lecithin Pro” offer feed grade de-oil soy lecithin powder and granules from China. (LeciPro950G, LeciPro950P) Deoiled soy lecithin is one of the important of feed emulsifier which widely used in animal feed processing. Orison Chemicals Limited is a leading manufacturer of different grade of lecithin based in China. The company produce high quality deoiled soy […]

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Deoiled Lecithin in Bread baking

Deoiled Soy Lecithin Granules and Powder used in Commercial bread baking Soy Lecithin Granules and powder are widely used in commercial bread baking. It is a food emulsifier which help the flour, fat and oil easily mixed. The application in bread processing: -To imporve doughs and batters keep stable. -Help to keep the doughs and […]

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