Water dispersible Lecithin Powder

De-oil soy lecithin Water-dispersible powder


Water-dispersible Lecithin Powder

Water-dispersible Lecithin Powder-LeciProW980 Powder (soy) is “Deoiled soy lecithin powder, it is derived from non-GMO soy beans, it is treated with “hydroxylation modification”, make it have the water-dispersible characteristic.


-Solid beverage: Improves dissolution rate and stability of fat to prevent agglomeration and agglomeration.
-Meat products: Improve the combination of protein, water and starch, which helps the meat to retain moisture.


-Specification: AI 97% min,HI 0.1% max,AV 30max,PV12 max,H2O 1%max,HLB 9-10
-Packing in 5X5KG Foil bag, in 25KG cartons or Customized;
-Label:Provide OEM production and support private label;
-Production quality system: BRC, HACCP, Food Safety System Certification 22000,SGS non-GMO;
-Annual supply capacity:200MT

LeciProW980 is easy to absorb moisture, must be sealed and stored, and kept in a cool dry place.
Simple heat treatment at temperatures below 80 ° C
Shelf life: 18 months


-Products Location: Tianjin,China
-The minimum order quantity: 500KGS
-Delivery time: within 20 days after order confirmed.
-Samples policy: offer less than 1000g samples for quality test confirmation.
-Contact with our sales:
Orison Chemicals Limited
add: 501-1,Yihang Int’l Bldg, Binhai,Tianjin,China
Tel:+86 22 25600945
Contacts: Mr.Chang


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